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  I work mainly with oil paint on linen canvases.

After a lot of tests along years, I uncovered and classified more solid pigments and its resistant to light, prevent affects on colours because the passage of time in my painting, to avoid unstable mixing.

To confer elasticity at paint I usually utilize like medium polimered linseed oil or poppy oil, that both have appropiates consistencies to mixing with turpertine essence and some natural aglutinatives.

I use linen canvas of size weave, primed with fine covers of cellulose and agglutinative glue, obtaining like that, resistance against humidity. First of all I apply a fluid cover paint very fine and uniform, leaving to dry three months as a minimum before to continue with glazing paintings superpositions, trying maintain a right absorption level.

I do not care the time, to complete a painting it carries several months or years. I only bear in my mind a satisfactory result, until the same painting show me when can be consider it finished, arriving at moment when is not possible to continue with painting, not because I am tired, but nothing else to add.
  Also I devote myself to the speciality of restoration, with experience in a great diversity of techniques applied to all kinds of ancien paintings, having repaired very diverse degrees of deterioration successfully.

To have an authors’ wide knowledge, his styles and trends, it allows me to apply methodologies adapted to every concrete circumstance.

After I studied a damaged paint, I can do an estimate in detail calculation of restoration to try to maintain its special features and art characteristics.