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I find in the painting the propitious way to transmit the most stimulant experience that I know, which habitually we are called art and that it is born of feeling that the majority of us have before the presence of beauty, capable of a profound producing to our satisfaction that, being simultaneously intriguing and mysterious, always goes to accompany at question on which it is the cause that provokes.

There can be many theories about the elements composed that constitute the process of visual communication, and that are a consequence of the conceptual experimentation in the twenty century, an attempt of altering the meaning of the art in the technological commanding age. But the aesthetics of the art have not changed, always it will be the result of the direct vision of the reality produced by our intelligence, since what we see is fundamentally what we know and for it the realism comes to be a vital need, an essential base of any knowledge.

Only there is a factor that joins the whole humanity: our sensory perceptions, the common reactions before the essential meaning of the reality, which they are the common process in all the persons and find its raison d’être in the same shared meaning. For it I use the painting, it is my message, a route where nothing is secondary, with the aim to create works that show my perception of the real word and to share it with attentive spectator to the own visual enrichment.