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To paint is the commitment to transmit objectively the visual information and, in my opinion, only a credible communication is transferred when it is executed of figurative form.

They never exceed elements to show the reality, when more commitent is with the object, more recognized own value and like that increases the difficulty towards the formal solution of the picture.

It is this high degree of difficulty the one that always has attracted me to beginning a fight for overcoming the mere description photographic, intensifying the organizational complexity, objetual and light, towards the direction to only possible sincerity in art.

The art is a way of knowledge an appropriation of the reality and is in the realistic painting where this truth resides essentially. A truth- art that is not clear only for a fragment of reality, a topic, or an only composition, but a complex organism multifarious relation that tries the highest possible approximation to the natural configurations of the enviroment, with contents that are organized by means of the formal instrument, which is a descriptive picture of concrete images, capable of acceding to the comprehension on the part of the same society involved in the formulation, clearly receptive of the iconography that abridge the contrast between the representation and the represented, sending unequivocally to the reality.

In this way, the basic foundation of my painting -the realism like a concept- can be defined like make intelligible, by means of a clear formalization, the experimentation of life inherent in the need of beauty and harmony.